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What Are My Treatment Options?

There is a wide variety of management options available in Fort Lauderdale. Many people often start with medication and/or herbal remedies which can help to block the pain receptors to relieve symptoms. Another way people manage the muscular component is by trying different exercises and stretches, anywhere from weightlifting to yoga, to help restore balance and increase flexibility and mobility. Other times, people opt to see a physical therapist to have a more specific exercise regimen coupled with passive therapies such as Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS), hot and cold therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, cold laser, and others. Often times, when someone is no longer able to tolerate the pain, they are administered injections into muscles, joints, and the epidural space. Eventually, surgery is often used as a last resort.

All of these treatments have their time and place to be used and have different goals. The goal of structural chiropractic is to restore the structural integrity of your spine. As a structural doctor, Dr. Jones makes different recommendations based on the severity of a patient’s structural abnormalities. In other words, a 16-year-old patient with minor structural issues is going to require less initial care than a 55-year-old with clearly notable disc problems. Each treatment plan is customized to each individual and the overlying circumstances.



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